Life Upgrades & Reasons To Write More

Published: 2013-04-30

I Should Write More

I don't necessarily want to, but I should. A very nice article I read today by Nathan Marz basically hammered home an idea I already knew to be true: Writing often and eventually writing well can be a key to success.

So, with that in mind I'm going to start writing more often. Not because I think the world needs to hear what I have to say (yet), and not because I think anyone actually reads my posts, but because it will help me improve.


This new motivation to write isn't just due to that article though. Over the past two months I've also made several other upgrades to my life style that will make this much easier.

New Computer

That's right, brand new Macbook Pro. The ultra sexy retina display means I can finally switch over to using Traditional Chinese as my default language and be able to see all the tiny strokes of characters I need to look up. The massive speed increase means I no longer loath opening Photoshop or more than one browser at a time. Point being, This is awesome!.

New Phone

About two years ago I lost my then beloved iPhone 4. Now, after finally deciding to shell out the cash for an unlocked iPhone I'm once again a part of modern smartphone ubiquity. Feels good.

The point though, is not so much the phone as the great apps I now have access to, namely Lift. This boss of an app is simple, well-designed and made me wakeup without snooze this morning! Only slightly short of a miracle. The app is meant to help anyone achieve any goal simply through tracking. In the future I can see this taking a turn towards notifying all of Facebook/Twitter whenever you fail to meet a daily goal, but for now it is simply an accountability system with other lift users. Even so I can respect the influence this app has already had on me. Just having something to check off the moment I wake up is satisfying enough that I think I'll keep doing it. Here's hoping that's the case.

The other big one is Skritter. I've been using this Chinese review software for months now but it never really had much of an impact on my studies until I got the new phone. Lately I've been using it any moment I don't have anything better to do. This means on the subway or in the elevator usually. I obliterated my 1300 word study list that had accumulated from lack of use in a week.Cheers to productivity.

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