A Month In San Francisco


Four Weeks in the city for tech

I'm from California. I grew up in tiny town called Point Arena, about four hours north of the Bay Area. Despite this, I never actually spent any significant time in San Francisco, so I was very excited to have the chance to live here for a month, especially after spending two years abroad. Better yet, the day I landed was my birthday :+1:

The Vibe is right...

As soon as I had spend 24 hours in the city, I could see myself living here. I like to walk and take public transportation, so I don't generally speak very highly of American cities. SF has that. Nightlife that's not strictly limited to weekends is also a plus, and that also seems to be a thing here. But what I have thus far enjoyed most about this city, is the mentality.
People everywhere here are trying to start a company, or get recruited by their favorite company, or just build something cool in their spare time. Everyone seems to be doing something, and that something is usually very cool or at least interesting to hear about. I can see why many people say this place is a bubble, but it's not a bad bubble to find yourself in.

... but how does anyone get anything done?

This city is so good, and I've been having so much fun that I have gotten much less done than I did in Delhi, where I spent most of the day in an office.
If I had to summarize my time here so far, I would simply say this city is too much fun to get much done. But that's OK, after I leave here I'm planning a trip to Washington before heading back to my favorite city: Taipei :)