Today I Made Some New Additions

The portfolio hasn't seen an update in at least a few months, so I figured it's about time I made an effort to make it reflect what I've actually been doing lately. So today I added two new items:
  1. Creative Words Theme
The Creative Words Theme is something I threw together this last weekend. I went through a Photoshop tutorial to create the design, then decided to test my new WP skills by coding it up clean and fast. Said new WP skills come from the former item on that list:

My First Full Web App marks my first fully featured web app created. I say fully featured in full knowledge of the fact that there are still a few minor changes that I need to make, and that the ‘wish list' of features for the site is still quite long.
But that's beside the point. This site taught me a plethora of new skills that are highly relevent to web design and WP development. This include: Form Validation (soooo boring), AJAX (super cool) and general PHP awesomeness. Having largely completed the functionality of that site I'm now fully confident standing by the ‘developer' half of my job. I now feel capable of doing just about anything I need to for a client with the combination of PHP and WP. Consequently, I've reshifted my focus back to the design half of my job. I'm going to learn Illustrator, create a logo for myself and most importantly completely redesign my site from the ground up. When? Good question, ideally before my birthday next month.
I'm still a long ways from where I want to be in terms of personal knowledge on both the design and development fronts, but I'm quite content that way. Having myriad new fields that I intend to learn about is much more exciting than it is daunting. Not time to waste, I'm getting started right after I finish this post.