The Wonders of CSS Frameworks

Today was my first dive into CSS frameworks. Creating layout from scratch is perfectly doable but also perfectly tedious. I have yet to meet a developer who enjoys that aspect of it. We like the stages where we get to build shiny things on a site. So here is what I got into today:
The first one has been around for quite some time. The original developer actually stopped updating it because after creating it he learned so much that it lost it's use. That's awesome, but for a ton of developers it's still a great tool. I would say it's best feature is simplicity. It's not the most robust framework but if you want something really light and simple to set up try it out.
The second, Kube, is another fully responsive grid system. I didn't really look into Kube's layout features because I was already using 1140, but I'm sure it's good. I really like Kube's design elements that make it super simple to add very sophisticated styling to elements in a few seconds. The one drawback to me was that it is built with LESS instead of Sass. I actually run into this fairly often. It seems as though the majority of the well known frameworks are built with LESS.
So, instead of sit around and pout I converted a number of Kube's features into Sass. Now I'm developing with a mix of these two grid systems. Kube mainly for UI elements and 1140 for layout. I'm considering actually rolling these together into something usable and Sass based (finally) so that anyone else can enjoy it without switching to LESS. I'll post an update with that is finished.