Weekend Conditioning

Here I am on a Friday night writing a blog post. Why? I blame a combination of covid and weekend conditioning.
Covid means I'm indoors, and the response of my locality to covid is entirely out of my control, so I will focus on the weekend effect.

The weekend effect

Not wanting to be productive, because it's "the weekend." This is a long-standing habit that feels like it originated during elementary school and was later reenforced by college and employee life.
Back when I was freelancing and had no set schedule I would often make a point of noticing that I did not know which day of the week it was. This was an amazing feeling. It was a feeling of clarity, that the only information worth thinking about was what to work on, not what day it was, what time it was or some other minutiae.
Here's a non-exhaustive list of other things i could be working on right now:
  • Completing the damn migration of this blog.
  • Researching and developing an automated crypto trading strategy.
  • Learning a language
  • Creating a tab management plugin which syncs your tabs to a local sqlite database (more on this another time)
  • Adding features to BrowserParrot
  • Exercising (This I actually did earlier today, so I will exclude it)
  • etc

A solution?

Not sure. Perhaps the answer is to hang out with more workaholics or retired people. Neither of these groups thinks much about weekends.